About Us

About Us

We’re a team of programmers and computer/tech enthusiasts, writing thoughtful content on a variety of salient issues in the tech world today. We hope that by writing this kind of thoughtful content, we can expand our own perspectives as well as those of our reader base.

Our content varies a bit, from more tutorial-oriented articles like “A Buyer’s Guide To Gaming Headsets” to more educational/informational topics, such as “Evolution of The Internet.” At this time, we’re testing the waters to see what kind of content resonates the most with our readers, and we’re hoping to expand from there and engage our readers on topics that they get the most value from.

You may have been wondering about our unique domain. “Gazete Dunyasi” – which roughly means “The World Newspaper” in Turkish – refers to the broad scope of our ambitions for this website. We’re starting with tech, but one day we’d like to expand to more and more topics and eventually become a mainstream media outlet covering a variety of topics. But for now, we are the “The World Newspaper” of tech.

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Write For Us

As such, we’re always looking for talented writers to submit articles for us. If you are a tech professional, or even hobbyist or enthusiast (we look for a variety of different perspectives from our writers), ideally with experience in writing articles for major tech publications, please reach out through our Write For Us page. We are not looking for any particular degrees or certifications, just people with a passion for tech, or a curiosity about tech, and an ability to communicate well. If you have a portfolio of your work, that is also excellent. Feel free to submit an article you have already written – we will review the article and determine whether or not we feel it is suitable for publication on this particular website.

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Advertise With Us

We also have plans to begin generating revenue for the website through advertising. If you are a company in the tech space who would like to support our work and run advertisements on our website, please visit our Advertise With Us page for more information.

Future Developments

Plans are also in the work to create a Patreon account for our most loyal readers, as well as a podcast and/or a YouTube channel. If you have experience in starting a podcast, YouTube channel, or Patreon-funded publication, and would like to offer help or advice, you may reach out to us through our Contact Us page. If you would like to sponsor our podcast or YouTube channel, you can reach out through our Advertise With Us page. You can also use that page for general, non-business related inquiries.



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