Computers and the Internet: A Digital and Personal Evolution

The Internet and computers are two of the most innovative creations of man. The advancements of both these inventions are constantly being felt in our everyday lives, and the effects they have on us are unparalleled.

While we have had so much growth in these aspects, there are still so many things to learn. Every day, there are more and more innovations being added to both the Internet and computers. As we use them on a daily basis, we uncover not only new pieces of knowledge but also learn many things about ourselves.

This constant evolution is as much personal and human, as it is digital. We can never take one away from the other. Man is the primary creator of technology, while technology is meant to serve the needs of man. No matter how hard we try, they will always be intertwined.

There is no question as to how much computers and the Internet affect our daily lives. We can see it in our homes and offices, in schools, malls, airports, train stations, and road. Advancements in medicine, transportation, education, and security are largely due to these advancements. The growth of social media in recent years has also changed drastically how we communicate and interact with people. I am awestruck at home both these innovations have taken us.

But as we go through the marvels of these inventions, one thing I would want to point out is that we should never let this technology control us. While I understand that these make our lives easier, we should never allow it to reach a point that it enslaves us. A man should control these technologies, and not the other way around.

Another important thing I’d like to point out is how with this incredible power and efficiency comes a deeper call to be more responsible. These have not only brought us convenience and connectivity but a temptation to take advantage of others. Greater technology now allows us to hack systems, secure personal information of others, be racist, and a lot more, all with the swipe of a screen or a push of a button. Yes, things have become easier, but the same also applies to people who have bad intentions on their mind.

I guess the point I am driving at is this: As we grow in this technological age, we should never forget our humanity and basic values. Even as the situation presents itself, we should always treat each other with compassion and respect. After all, as these advancements grow, so should ourselves.

In the same way that computers and the Internet are progressing, our morals should keep up as well. Your digital and personal developments cannot be fully realized without the other. In a few years, I hope I can tell myself this: “I am happy with the innovation in computers and the Internet, but even more proud that we are more human than before.”


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