Mac vs. Windows: Which is Better For You?

One of the longest-running and most heavily debated topics in the computer world is this: Mac or Windows, which one is the better operating system?

In an attempt to share my views on this matter, I would like to further dissect each of these two companies and share some of the major advantages and disadvantages that they offer.

Advantages of Mac

Mac, or Macintosh, is a family of computers conceptualized by Apple Inc.  Ever since its birth in 1976, Apple has taken the world by storm and introduced a myriad of different innovations. Arguably, its most noticeable contribution is the Macbook.

One of the most distinctive features of a Mac is its seemingly powerful, yet very simple interface. Macbooks are very straightforward and take a what-you-see-is-what-you-get approach to using them. It is so easy that people have often said, when you go Mac there is no turning back. This is a testament to this brand’s user-friendliness.

Some other advantages to consider is Mac’s highly clear retina screen, regular software updates, optimized battery life, and unparalleled multi-tasking features. If you already own an Apple product, such as an iPhone, you can easily sync it with the Mac computer.

Finally, Apple offers their customer support so when you have a problem with your Mac, you can expect an immediate response from them.

Disadvantages of Mac

One of the major disadvantages Macbooks have are its incredibly hefty prices. An entry-level model would still cost you about $1200, almost twice as much as a Windows-run computer. Macbook parts are also very hard to find. They also have a very exclusive approach to their accessories, meaning they are only compatible with Apple products. Finally, if you are into gaming, you will be severely disappointed with Mac. Up until now, they still do not offer a strong gaming experience for its users.

Advantages of Windows

Windows, on the other hand, is a creation of Microsoft. As opposed to its counterpart, one of its major advantages is its flexibility in all aspects. There are infinitely more choices in a computer that uses a Windows operating system. This also means that you have a wider range of prices to choose from.

If you are seeking a high-end model, you can do so, while if your budget is more constrained, there are still a lot of choices that offer above average quality. Generally speaking, Windows computers are also a lot cheaper than Macs.

Regarding program and software selection, Windows also offer more options for you. More kinds of software are easily compatible with this brand. Currently, the Window store has roughly 50,000 different applications to choose from, and more you can buy in actual computer stores. It is also way easier to un-install software on Windows. It takes very little fuss to do.

Lastly, a greater population of the world uses this operating system, so there is better compatibility. It is also much easier to share and send files.

Disadvantages of Windows

Well, since Windows is more accessible to people, security is an issue. These computers are more susceptible to catching viruses since about 95% of them are aimed at Windows. Generally speaking, this program is also prone to lagging and needs a lot of maintenance. It is also a lot more difficult to find quality support with Windows.



All in all, both of these options are high-quality choices, and you cannot go wrong with either regarding performance. Just remember to figure out what you are requirements are, and it should help make your decision a whole lot easier.  



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