Must-Have Laptop Accessories to Prioritize Buying

Buying a computer, specifically, a laptop can be huge investment for some people. On the average, a quality, entry-level laptop would still cost you about $500. However, equally as important as saving money and finding an affordable deal is maximizing the use of your computer.

Here are a few important accessories you should prioritize, which will greatly help your laptop’s performance.

 1. External Hard Drive

In general, laptops have a limited amount of memory in them. Their smaller size does not allow them to have additional space saved on them. Owning a quality external hard drive can help solve this problem.

Owning an external hard drive gives you a place to backup your files, as well as store files you are not using on a daily basis. Having a laptop with a full memory usually leads to a lot of lag, and the operating system does not function as efficiently. Having a hard drive at your disposal greatly solves this problem.

Tip: A cheaper alternative is to buy a USB flash drive. It does not store as much space, but its way cheaper than a hard drive.

 2. Quality Speakers

Having a good set of speakers help maximize the sound of your laptop. If you use your computer a lot for watching movies or gaming, or more practical tasks such as video editing or conference calls, then this accessory is a must-have.

Some laptop’s in-house speakers are also pretty unreliable, so have your external speakers is a good insurance policy. Some speakers even come with software so you can adjust the audio quality of the device to your preference.

Tip: If you want a more private hearing experience, instead of speakers, you can buy headphones or a headset. Both essentially serve the same purpose.

 3. Strong Case and Bag

Personally, I have always been a fan of self-expression and designing your personal belongings. It is a great way to introduce your personality to other people. The same can be said for our laptops. There are fun and creative ways to do this, all while remembering to be practical.

My suggestion is to start off by buying a strong and sturdy laptop case. Not only will this protect your computer, but also as a canvass for your creative juices. Look for stickers you can post on your case. These can either be quotes, pictures, and funny images – whatever reflects your personality. This also serves as an indicator that that computer is yours.

 4. Charger Protector

In my experience, chargers are always the first things that break. I have always noticed that as time goes by, the wires weaken, and eventually split apart.

One practice that has helped me solve this problem is using a charger wire protector. I do not know what it is officially called, but its long wire that you can twirl around your laptop charger’s cord. It helps strengthen and minimize damage when it bends. It is also really cheap to buy. Who knew that such an accessory could have such practical effects.

 5. Anti-Virus

We usually connect our laptops to different networks (Wi-Fi, printer, etc.) so it is susceptible to viruses. One very practical way to protect your computer’s software is to arm it with a strong anti-virus system. This greatly improves the immune system of your device because a quality anti-virus program can detect, eradicate, and disinfect your computer. Think of it as an insurance policy:  you never want to use it, but in times of need, you are glad that it is there.


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