Social Media Marketing: Your Customer Service Solution

Handling your own social media page is no easy task. There are a lot of nitty-gritty factors you need to consider to maximize this very powerful medium. People fail to realize that programs such as Facebook and Instagram have very specific tools for businesses. If used properly, it gives them more power and reaches to connect with more people, even directly with their target market.

If you are one of these people that are interested in social media maximization, here are a few important tips to optimize your day-to-day operations.

 1. Redesign Your Page to Reflect Who You Are

People on social media are very visual. It will only take a few seconds for people to decide whether they like what they see or not. For social media managers, the stakes are even higher because the window to pique the interest of their potential customers is so small. Therefore, it is up to you to provide a strong first impression.

Be sure to design your site in the most eye-catching way possible, while also remembering to introduce who you are and what you represent. Successful pages are able to create a strong recall in a short period of time.

 2. Make Customers Feel Like They Belong

Whether you are selling a product, a service, or an ideology, it is equally important to make your customers feel like they are part of the cause. An interested and engaged person is the best kind of client to communicate with on social media.

An alternative to an informative post is a status that connects directly with your customers. Ask for their opinion or feedback on a certain matter. Reply to their comments on your post as well as to their messages. Be as personal as possible to make them feel accommodated. It is a very arduous journey to take, but it is one that will help foster a deeper relationship with your customers. In the long run, this will be beneficial for your company.

 3. Take Advantage of the Manager’s Tool

In very social media page, there is a tool that helps you see the foot traffic entering your page, how long they stay, and what types of posts engage them the most. As a social media manager, it is important we take advantage of this. Data is key, not only to know more about our clientele but also give us a direction on what else we need to do to reach our target audience.

Every so often, it is important to take a look at these statistics. They reflect a lot about how we are running the page and whether or not our methods are effective. Oftentimes this is a tough pill to swallow, but an essential step if we want to succeed on social media.


As we constantly move to this digital platform, one realization I had is on the importance of maintaining a personal touch in the way we run things. A driving force for the success of businesses before is a heart for customer service. Even as we run these virtual pages, I hope we never lose touch with this. No matter where we go, or what platform we use, connecting with people is still an essential skill to have.      


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