The Digital Migration

Change is a constant part of our lives. Every day, people are finding more effective ways to do things. There’s nothing we can do really, other than keeping up with the times and learn to adapt to this ever-growing world.

The Internet, which is an ever-changing entity in itself, also undergoes a lot of transformation. A more specific way to describe it is a migration. People, in many different aspects, have retreated from the real world and found refuge in this digital realm. With the use of the Internet, doing things are becoming increasingly easier. One specific topic I’d like to discuss is the movement of business from the physical stores into what we call as a virtual marketplace.

The past couple of years have shown an increase in popularity of online selling. In the past, if you’d like to purchase something, you would need to hop into your car, go to the mall, physically pay money and get the item, and then go back home. Right now, this whole process can be done with a click of the button.

The popularity, as well as the number of merchants in these virtual marketplaces, has grown exponentially. One of the biggest benefits of making this move is the decreased overhead expense that a business incurs. Not needing to pay rent, wages, and even utilities is a popular selling point for these. As a result, businessmen essentially earn more with this set-up.

Marketing your products (and company) also becomes a lot easier. Social media is a driving force in this phenomenon. The ability to connect with more people, at a much quicker pace, allows you to build your brand much easier. Visual aids, such as photos and videos, are also a popular medium. In a way, things happen instantly with the snap of your finger.

With this occurrence, I feel both amazed and alarmed. I’ve been in business long enough to know that nothing happens overnight. Everything is worked for. People go through a certain process before they become successful, but it is precisely that struggle that makes them stronger people. Those challenges serve as a mirror that reflects our true self.

If I were to give one final piece of advice, it would be this: In a world where it is so easy to become an avatar, never forget who you truly are. When you start a company, no matter how complicated the road gets, always remember your vision and keep it to heart. People you meet along the way at not just contacts but real human beings.

I guess what I am trying to say is as we move on to this new digital world, may we always remember where we came from, and the value that this holds. May we always cherish the important lessons that we learned along the way, as well as the people we have met. In an ever changing world such as ours, our identity is something that should never let go off.


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